What are you looking to acompplish this year?

I wanted to start the year off right so I took some time to make things very clear to myself and to those around me.

Every empowered woman should have goals, both short term and long term. Without them we are just mere dreamers with hopes to doing something different but never the motivation to do anything about it.

Laying out your goals will keep you focused and on track toward reaching them.  Here are a few of mine for this year.

2017 Achievements

1. Take My Blog To The Next Level
2. Make My Brand Known
3. Make An Income Of 60,000
4. Host  Charity Event To Help Those In Need
5. Travel More
6. New Place
7. New Car
8. Lose 15 Lbs
9. Meet Amazing People, Network
10. Be Grateful For Everything I Have Each & Everyday More

This Is My Vision Board 😍😍😍 A Work In Progress, I will Keep Updating It. Because I Believe We Have The Power To Accomplish Anything We Want.

Share yours with me🤗

Thank You 💋

Laritza Perez