Almost every cosmetic line has their own setting spray. But which one do I choose? What is its job description?

Setting spray is a cosmetic product aimed to create a long lasting effect to your applied makeup.. But are all setting sprays made equal?

No!.. Some set your face matte, some will set your face to a dewy finish. Then you have sprays that will set your face for hours upon hours and then others that will only preserve your makeup for two hours max.

I’ve tried high end setting sprays like Urban Decay to drug store brands like Elf and I must say I love them all. If you are on a tight budget I would definitely reach for Elf’s’ $3 setting spray which has been compared to Urban Decays “All Nighter” . If you have a couple of extra coins to spare then you can try Skindinavia setting spray which is also the makers of Urban Decays ” All Nighter”.

Me personally, I use MACs Fix+ to bring down the powdery look after applying my clients makeup and then I just set it with my NYX setting spray .

In other words.. don’t let choosing a setting spray stress you.. most of the setting sprays out there will fulfill there job description… Just try a couple and repurchase the one that works best for your skin…

Hope This Helped

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