“Embracing My Digital Dream”

“Embracing My Digital Dream”


As some of you may know, I have become extremely obsessed and intrigued by the blogging world 🌎 it has opened an immense door for me to explore beyond my comfort zone of my daily rituals and lifestyle.

I’ve decided to give the blogging world a chance to show my close friends and family what i am destined to do, inspire. I started achieving this amazing journey by gathering my thoughts, facts, and allowing my mindset to express whatever is on my heart. By reaching and setting my weekend goals to write a juicy story, it has allowed me to receive positive feedback from some of the most important people in my life.

This is me sharing my life. It is my desire to positivly impact the lives byond my small circle.  I doing this to touch an audience with an every post.

It was a chalenge when I began because at times, people often doubted me and my dream. This was extremely hard for me to deal with  but it did not stop me. In fact it became feul to push harder.

I will not reject that feeling that I feel in my soul to help others by sharing my life experiences. Whether it’s a major fall back to a booming come back, I’am here to express what Laritza’s life, is really about.

This is my life and my story of freedom. I salute every person for not quitting and setting life in the path of success. God bless.